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the reveal process aids seismic INTERPRETATIONS & lowers drilling risks

agi's proprietary, reveal process, extracts high frequencies from the dominate frequency of standard seismic processing

the high FREQUENCIES provide more detail and greater accuracy to all images   

AG Inc.

AG Inc. - An Experienced Seismic Data Processing Company


AG Inc. is a seismic data processing company, which uses its proprietary software, REVEAL, to extract High Frequencies from the Dominant Frequencies produced by Standard Data Processing.

The Higher frequency data show increased details and greater accuracy of structural and stratigraphic features such as: thin beds, laminae, lithofacies differentiation, unconformities, internal features of turbidites, shingling, onlap/offlap, and channels with overbank sediments. REVEAL exposes subtle and often unseen geological features from standard processing of dominant seismic frequencies.

REVEAL improves AVO/AVA and other attributes, ties well logs exceptionally well, and locates small and potentially dangerous faults, lowering Drilling Risks before performing lateral drilling.

REVEAL is inexpensive with fast turnaround.

Andrews Geoscience

The REVEAL Process

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When Worth B. Andrews, Sr. purchased the Oro Belle Mine in Hart, California, his goal was to form a full-service mining company. This dream became a reality in 1908. In 1987, Worth B. Andrews, Sr.'s grandson, Charles Andrews, started up his own business, creating Andrews Geoscience. Since our incorporation, our family-owned-and-operated earth science business has processed seismic data for the oil and gas exploration industries. We enjoy helping your establishment to succeed, using our software as assistance for oil and gas companies.

Andrews Geoscience has the skills to work with any client. We'll show you how the REVEAL software will benefit your company. Additionally, we can assist you with large-volume projects. With over 70 years of combined industry experience, no job is too big or too small for us to handle.


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